The Cat’s Cradle is an upscale coffee house in the heart of Mercer Island. The coffee house caters for the more trendy community, usually hipsters in their early twenties, and is best known for the fact that cats wander in and out of the place and are available for petting.

The coffee house itself orders a variety of food for sale, such as sandwiches and pastries, but sources and grinds its own coffee. It has numerous blends and also offers a “suspended coffee” wherein the patrons can pay for a cup of coffee that staff will offer to anyone who seems to need one but can’t afford one. The idea has caught on and is very popular with the hipsters who like to feel like they’re doing something helpful without actually having to make much effort. The house also offers free (if moderated) wifi to its customers who are given a password (they change daily) with any purchase. A customer is welcome to sit and enjoy the place for as long as they like, whether or not they continue to make purchases, so it’s also a popular hang-out spot.

The back room is a staff lounge, where the staff can catch some private time between shifts or just eat a quick lunch. It is, sadly, off limits to the patrons but they can catch a glimpse of what goes on as the door opens and closes. Frankly, not all that much does go on. There’s a side door that leads down to the basement where stock is kept. Also, obviously, for staff only.

A set of stairs leads up to rooms where the staff live. The door seperating living area from the café opens by means of a fob key and entry to non-staff is obviously by invitation only.


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