Making Hermetic look good


A student’s favourite, Winter seems conversant in a number of languages and seems to know at least a little about more or less everything. He’s not a jerk about it either. You can have a conversation with him, and maybe he’ll even buy the coffee, and he’ll be interested in what ever it is you have to say.

Unless you cop an attitude or talk down to people, that is. He’s not a big fan of people that like to play smart to make other people feel dumb. He’s not shy about verbally eviscerating them either. He’ll tell you, if you ask him, that he has a great respect for education and knowledge and that they’re supposed to uplift and inspire you, not to crush other people.

Curiously, or perhaps not so, he also can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Not at all. And he seriously, seriously can’t dance. Don’t ask him to. It’s awful. Just awful.


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