Making quirky look kind of good


Walker is . . . an odd duck. Maybe he’s a bit OCD. He’ll be chatting with you as he fixes you your latte and then he’ll spill a little sugar on the counter. All of a sudden he’ll scoop it up, put it on a little plate and set it aside like it’s for someone. Only it never is. Or he’ll just stare off past your shoulder like he’s looking at someone behind you, but there’s never anyone there.

But he’s kind. If a homeless guy walks in, or someone who looks as if they aren’t doing so good, it’s Walker who’s over there making sure they’ve got a snack and a drink and that they should maybe be putting their feet up for a bit. A lot of the streetier kids have seen him around and they look at him like he’s somebody. Maybe he is?

Wouldn’t know it to look at him though. Mostly he comes off as a bit of an awkward, jittery, dude.


Mage: The Cats in the Cradle MisterBlaze