Dylan Brady

Somehow likeable smart assed turd


Dylan is cool. Just ask him, he’ll tell you. If you get him talking he’ll tell you all kinds of things. Especially about pranks he’s pulled. The kind where toilets explode and cars catch fire.

He’s a know-it-all too. More often than not if he’s not working you’ll catch him reading anything from chemistry text books to English Lit classics. He has a truly sharp mind and catches onto about any topic quickly. He’s pretty much that kid that got bored at school because he was smarter than his teachers were. And that same kid who had to prove it and probably got his ass kicked more than once.

Still, he’s pretty funny when you get used to him and he’s as happy to chew the fat and share a coffee as any of the others. Try him. You might actually like him.

Of course you may also want to wring his neck…

Dylan Brady

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